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You are such a great instructor. I hope those folks know how lucky they are to have someone with your talents and skills instructing them!
~ Jim Conran
You are so qualified and talented teacher and a terrific salsa inspiration!!
~ Vicki Nakamura
I've been to Cheryl Burke's and with 3 different instructors at Palomar in Santa Cruz and you are by far the best. I really like your emphasis on getting the moves and the motion correct, rather than just teaching pattern after pattern which as you correctly pointed out, we just forget anyway.
~ Jim Allen
You are by far the most instructional teacher I've come across in the past year. The manner in which you explain the particulars of the steps helped me immensely. "Now I get it" is what I consistently told myself last evening. Again, awesome class!
~ Phyllis
You are an excellent teacher!
~ Gretchen
Your classes are so much fun!
~ Sandi
I sat in on your Fri. night class at the Lafayette Comm. and thought your teaching style was terrific.
~ Ellen
I've seen people drive from all over the Bay Area just to attend Tomaj's classes. This teacher is fantastic and his classes are the best I've attended. No matter what your expertise, no matter your age, no matter how many levels (beginning/intermediate/advanced) in attendance, Tomaj can work with ALL, and everyone feels good and knows more at the end of the hour. And they sign up time and again! Tomaj is The Best.
~ Nancy Lockhart, San Ramon
While vacationing for one week in San Francisco, my daughter and I signed up for every possible Salsa class in the city over a one week period, for a total of 28 hours of lessons, with multiple teachers. Tomaj's instruction was by far the most professional and fun.
~ Debby from Vermont
Through taking both private and group lessons with Tomaj, I've come to see that his teaching style is, itself, like a dance. His understanding of psychology, which I've seen him apply in private coaching sessions, coupled with his obvious caring for his students, which I've seen him express in his group class settings, makes him an exceptionally good dance instructor. He knows when being encouraging is more important than being challenging, can sense when I am "on" and can be pushed, as well as when I am not and need to be nurtured. In this 'dance' in which Tomaj has pressed me forward and backed off, even turned a serious mood around with some levity, and helped me 'get serious' when I couldn't stop laughing--all depending on where he has sensed that I am in terms of enthusiasm, skill, or concentration, on a given day--I've been able to develop my skills and technique at a surprising rate without losing the primary goal of why I came--to experience the absolute thrill, joy, and, of course, passion of salsa music and dance.
~ Nhien V.
Tomaj is a master teacher. He is the most patient and thorough dance teacher either of us have ever had. He has a lively style that make his classes very mentally and physically invigorating. We're impressed with his ability to teach to different levels at the same time: he is very patient with beginning steps, yet incorporates advanced techniques that keep all levels of students interested. We are simply thrilled to be in his class.
~ Patricia and Edward Dill
Your teaching style is superior to the other teacher's I have studied with because it is more thorough, progressive and FUN. The pace is just right and you break everything down so that I learn the moves completely.
~ Karen, Lafayette
Tomaj teaches with "high energy" and provides excellent group management and individual attention. He takes the time to field questions from students and offers clear answers to those questions. Mr. Trenda has enthusiasm, clarity and organization and students very much appreciate his teaching style. The way he teaches is positive and effective.
~ Ron Gaiz, Dean of Arts and Humanities, College of Marin
As a math teacher, I have a good appreciation for someone who is a good teacher. I can tell that Tomaj has the gift for teaching. His approach for beginners is one of steady, patient progression, allowing each step learned to build toward something else. He truly wants each and every person to learn the steps and seems to intuitively know when someone is struggling and is able to zero in on what is preventing them from nailing down a step. I am so pleased to have discovered Tomaj. His methodical approach to teaching salsa is giving me new confidence, and I can see how this can be fun! I am now a raving fan of Tomaj's. He is a gifted teacher who's genuine enthusiasm is infectious.
~ Steven Podesta, Mill Valley
Tomaj is the best Dance Teacher I have ever had!
~ College of Marin Student
I've taken salsa lessons in the past with a variety of instructors, but you have by far been the best. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!
~ Doug Hee
You're an awesome, awesome instructor. It's definitely in your blood and I'm really happy to have run into you. My friends KNOW how much fun I have!
~ Victoria Beltran
I hear so many compliments about your teaching. It's wonderful to find a really good teacher!
~ Karen Klives
Tomaj is simply Excellent!
~ College of Marin Student
Cheryl and I had a BLAST at the Beginner session in Mill Valley.
~ Patrick Mundy
I have been telling all my friends about how much FUN your classes are!
~ Patrizia Longoz, Lafayette
Our class was awesome. I really enjoyed your partnering work. Thanks again for all your great instruction.
~ Johnny
Thank you so much for making Salsa so enjoyable!
~ J.Q., San Leandro
We're definitely spreading the word, since we know you are the BEST.
~ Marisol, Mill Valley
I had so much fun last night. It was definitely rejuvenating to my spirit. Once again, thank you!
~ Gale Sandoval, Vallejo
Our Private Lessons were tremendously helpful. Thanks for the outstanding quality of instruction that you provide.
~ Bonny, Mill Valley
Everyone had a great time at our Party. Both those who had previous lessons and those who hadn't, raved about how good a teacher you are.
~ Robyn
You are a really dedicated and inspiring teacher.
~ Karen Brenner, Mill Valley

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